Ad Cream 50G

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For those types of itches and also dematitis. By the activities of crotamiton, an anti-itch compound, and also of diphenhydramine, as antihistamine. Mentholatum AD cream rlelieves quickly unbearable itching brought on by irritants including dust, dust mits as well as UV rays. The anti-inflammatory glycyrrhetinic acid soothes irritation, a source of itching triggered by scratching. A growing number of individuals are afflicted by dried up skin itching. The ensuing decrease in moisture content or maybe sebum in the keratin level can cause skin to become hypersensitive to irritation and itching from numerous irritants. Mentholatum AD cream provides moisturing agents. Also naturally present in your skin and therefore moistures dried up skin and prevents itching because of air-conditioning, detergents. Provides help for: All sorts of itching like for example those attributable to dryness. Insect bites, rashes triggered by small underwear or maybe detergents, urticaria, heat rash and eczema. Relieves itching, moisturizes your skin. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount on the affected area many times one day.

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