Cream Skin Refiner Mist 120Ml

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Benefits: Free from strong substances like animal-derived ingredients, man made colorants and fragrances. The Face-Angling design guarantees fine particles established on skin consistently for moist, healthy skin. Incorporating the functions of toner as well as lotion to market long-lasting hydration together with the Cream Blending Technology. White Leaf Tea Water with wealthy Amino Acid soothes fatigued skin while fortifying skin screen. How to use: 1. As Mist: 1. Squirt intentionally over face at 20-30cm distance when hydration is needed. 2. May be used over cosmetics, hair or even body. 2. As Toner: 1. Spray intentionally over face. 2. Pat lightly for greater absorption. 3. As Hydrating Pack: 1. Soak many cotton pads with a sufficient quantity of the content. 2. Try leaving on for 2 minutes for intensive hydration. 3. Pat lightly to aid absorption.

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