Prior Hair Foundation 3 Types

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A foundation for hair which conceals easily the gray hair that is nervous about the hairline, glaring eyes, around the ears, and so on. Gooey, without a wander, fluffy surface. It is reluctant to sweat as well as rain, although it is tough to lose color, it could be easily gotten rid of with shampoo. It is not really a hair dye. With unique brush which is very easy to try painting with diagonal cut. Fragrance of floral green. How to make use of: Use on hair that is dried out. Require an appropriate quantity on a brush and apply it with the gray hair of the hairline or maybe the grate that you are concerned about. If you begin painting from an area far from the root of the hair, it will be difficult to get on the epidermis. It will be less difficult to try painting with the other hand. After use, clean off extra locks foundation connected to the comb with tissue paper. Wash off with shampoo before going to sleep.

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