Maikohan Pure Moist Oshiroi Powder 10G 2 Types

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Renewed solutions that are preferred with an emphasis on moisture retention and transparency. It results in white skin that is transparent with one coat. Silk tailoring formula: Powder is coated with a serum component that melts at body heat. For a silky and supple touch. 200 % serum composition: 200 % more cherry blossom extract, camellia fossil oil as well as soybean extract than standard products (all moisturizing). Skin care 24 hours one day. Discerning feather two-fold puff: The finest puffs hand-sewn one by one utilizing traditional Japanese techniques. Around the light and soft skin for a uniform surface. How to use: Take an appropriate quantity on the puff and apply it to your skin. Peel off the middle lid seal before use. After use, good cap properly. Always use puffs cleanly.

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