Variety Mask Set Anti-Wrinkle 10 Pcs

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Marine Collagen Elastic Mask x 2: Collagen is important in maintaining skin's firmness and elasticity. A very effective hydrating component, it locks in moisture in skin's deepest layer, bettering skin's collegan rebirth. An anti aging solution can keep your skin visibly toned and radiant. Peptide Anti aging Mask x 2: Forumlated with peptide, it stops development of premature aging. fine lines and Wrinkles reduced after application, giving you a visibly youthful, toned complexion. Grape Seed Anti aging Mask x 2: OPC is specially formulated for anti aging and dry skin conditions. Deeply penetrating skin cells and moisturizes dry tight skin, keeping your skin luminous and sparkling day by day. Q10 Activating Cell Mask x 2: Q10 extract is profoundly penetrating hydrating factor that keeps skin supple, soft and radiant. Protects skins from harmful environmental influences and maintains skin's elasticity and firmness to prevent premature aging. Superme Caviar Extract Mask x 2: Salmon caviar extract and collagen deeply moisturizes the skin, countering signs of skin ageing and fine lines. Rejuvenates dull tried, giving you a flawlessly youthful radiant complexion.

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