Mineral Aqua Gel 130Ml

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Soothing and brightening: Get your cells animated now. Stress relieving and vitality unleashing restoration of veritable skin health. Extraordinary formulation has proactive components which substantially hydrates skin and also relieve allergies. Briskly resolves soreness and various unfavorable conditions like redness and swelling. Inhibits growth and advancement of acnes and pimples; significantly improves cellular self-repair. Rejuvenating consistency guarantees trouble-free program and absorption. Lightweight water-locking layer covering the skin area potently retains water and provides round-the-clock protection and nourishment. Exclusive [Youth NeutrazenTM] formulation is clinically proved to deliver much better clearing as well as relaxing effect for pimples issues as compared to typical skincare products. Providing a distinctive feeling of breezy freshness upon use. Nobel prize-winning component: Aquaporin ~ boost moisture capability of skin cells. Some other ingredients: World s very first youth water (Mayleech youth formulaTM). Yeast peptides, neutrazenTM, dalton in the range 2000, hyaluronic acid. Whey proteins lighiyellow sophora root, mimosa extract, rumex crispus extract. Rusucs aculteatus root extract, soluble protein, vitamins, and more. How to apply Apply daily, morning and night: 1-2 pumps

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