Merit Pyuan Shampoo & Conditioner Trial Set 30Ml X 2 5 Types

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Shampoo 30ml x 1 Conditioner 30ml x 1 Daring - Rose & Garnet Unique - Lily & Savon Circle - Peach & Plum Action - Citrus & Sunflower Natural - Minty & Muguet Shampoo: Pure bubble cleanse manufactured of something vital to wash. Silicone-free prescription, pearl agent-free, colorant-free. A soft and fluffy foam which gently eliminates dirt and stickiness on the skin. Same weak acidity as the skin and hair. It doesn't get flushed out. Conditioner: Contains durable aroma A fresh fragrance is scented each time your hair movements in response to sweat and dampness. smooth and Soft surface based on your finger. Fairly acidic as the skin and hair. How to use: Shampoo: Points to clean the skin. Wet the hair as well as skin thoroughly, take an appropriate amount. Clean the whole skin with the belly of your finger while foaming. Then rinse well. Conditioner: After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount on the entire hair. Then rinse.

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