Overnight Whitening Gel Ex Oil Cut 30G

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Throughout the day, your skin is exposed to pollution, sunshine as well as worry . At night, cellular repair pursuits peak as skin seeks to restore itself When there is increased blood circulation to skin during your slumber. As a gel pack created to be used during the night whenever the skin's absorptive tasks are classified as the healthiest. Orbis Overnight Whitening Gel EX is developed with active ingredients that target on minimising UV injury for moisturised radiant skin the next morning. Phellodendron Bark Extract can help to obstruct the transmission of UV damage while you snooze, especially during the six to nine hours after exposure to the sun. Renewable Vitamin C Derivatives labor to prevent melanin production by managing the tasks of Tyrosinase. An enzyme that is accountable for pigmentation which will show up on our skin as dark spots. Replenish moisture that is important lost throughout the day with Moisturising Bright Complex that gives adequate hydration. To the skin during the night when its moisture absorption is most active. This particular overnight package also has a wrapping result when used, sealing the nutrition into skin and also improving dampness retention rate. Oil-free. Fragrance-free. Alcohol-free. Free of synthetic colours. Surfactant-free. Mild acidity.

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