Colorize Hair Bleach: Powder 10G + Oxidizing Lotion 300Ml 2 Pcs

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Contains natural oil complex for reducing hair damage while bleaching your hair. How to use: 1. Pour Solutions 1 and 2 and mix them together. 2. Completely blend the solutions with a comb. 3. Wear gloves and gown and apply on hair. 4. Evenly apply on hair that is dry by sectioning with a comb little by little. 5. Front hair has a tendency to be dyed faster than the hair on the back side of the head, therefore apply on the hair on the neck and hairline first, moving toward the forehead. 6. For seamless hair color, apply on the hairline and region on the rear of the ears in detail. 7. Try leaving it on for 10-20 minutes. The answer may drip if left too long. 8. And then, wash off with lukewarm water and cleanse with shampoo or even soap.

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