Anna Donna Every Color Eyebrow Mascara Red Brown

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To the time period to coordinate eyebrow color together with fashion, with extension of nail plus beauty products. Switch eyebrow coloring based on hair color and make it season face. Converted from a terrible eyebrow to a complete eyebrow. Eyebrow coloring coordinated based on hair color. Fluffy color, natural impact. It does not turn into a dam and adopts a compact brush that is tough to stick to the record. It is strong against sweat and will keep eyebrow color for awhile now. It can easily easily be dropped with lukewarm h2o. How to use: Apply from the eyebrows on the eyebrow head in the path opposite on the hair flow. Apply as if to set the layer from the eyebrows towards the buttocks. When working with along with other eyebrow like pencil, use this particular product after use.

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