Ggulba Mask Set 5Pcs (2 Types) Xs

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A sheet mask set containing the benefits of banana, honey and other effective ingredients to give tired skin a sweet break.XS (Petite Size): 222mm x 206mm / 30ml x 5pcs S (Standard Size): 235mm x 235mm / 35ml x 5pcs GGULBA Mask = GGUL (Honey) x BA (Banana) Enriched with the healing agents found in Banana extract and Manuka Honey offers multi care effective for sensitive, dry and aging skin, creating dewy, plump skin full of vitality and radiance Deeply hydrate skin and retain moisture within the skin tissue, minimize and prevent skin damages and loss of skin elasticity while promoting the regeneration of skin cells as well as the rejuvenation of rough skin so as to postpone the early signs of aging Banana extract: - Rich in Calcium, Potassium and vitamin components which help brighten, smoothen and moisturize skin while nourishing and revitalizing dehydrated skin for anti-aging effect - Offer oil control by exfoliation and excessive sebum removal that can lead to skin irritation while preserving the moisture needed Manuka honey: - Rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components to reduce bacterial growth for clean and fresh skin while stimulating skin tissue regeneration with its excellent skin repairing ability to restore supple, youthful skin How to use: 1. After facial cleansing, adjust the skin structure with toner. 2. Peel off and subsequently discard the film liner. Apply the mask and adjust based on the eye and mouth areas. 3. Leave on for 10 - 20 minutes. Get rid of the mask and slowly pat the leftover serum on the face until completely absorbed. For more feedback, please search #YesStyleTop50 on Instagram.

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