Luesthe Modeling Mask (Charcoal) 55G 55G

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It is a mask ideal for beginners to utilize, able to alleviate skin and also have pore caring. It contains charcoal to cleanse skin as well as pore caring; Centella asiatica to alleviate skin; bamboo extracts to puify as well as moisturize skin. Additionally, it contains tea tree extracts to help with oil-water balancing; lemon extracts for whitening and saururus extracts for pore tightening. How to use: 1. Open the cap and distinguish it together with the spatula. 2. Quicly blend the 2 bundle into the cup. 3. Apply the mixture uniformly as adhering to advocate purchase: cheek - jaw - forehead - nose. (Mixture need to be used within 2-3 minutes before it is dried.) 4. Wait for 15-20 minutes, after the mask package is dried out, peel the mask from the edge. 5. Clean off the is still carefully and follow by the typical caring steps.

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