Baking Soda Bath Powder Black 40G

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Includes mineral-containing old sea mud (moisturizing component: sea silt) in natural germanium (moisturizing component: repagermanium). Furthermore, natural salt (mineral salt) of skin tightening ingredients and capsicum extract (moisturizing ingredient) can also be positive. Amazingly tossing it in water that is hot. If you soak your body in water that is black. Impatient irritability and dandoroids accumulated daily often get out with lots of sweat. Completely sweat out & polish your skin, finished ugly and refreshing body. How to use: Put in 1 pack (40g) in bathtub hot water (150-200 L) at home, stir well and take a bath. By utilizing this particular product, the body is much easier to warm than water that is hot, the perspiration outcome will be higher. Adjust the heat of water that is hot, 38 to 42 as a guide, according to your shape. Black powder remains on the bottom part of the bathtub, but since it is an inorganic material found in salt, there is no problem with quality. After bathing, throw down firmly with a shower. Do not make use of circulation type bathtub or perhaps follow-up after making use of this product.

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