Senka Perfect Silky Mask 28 Pcs

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A huge capacity sheet mask with a lot of dense moisturizing essence. Put in good communication with the skin, moisture penetration through the stratum corneum profoundly by the closing consequence of the mask. Makes inconspicuous dry wrinkles of eyes as well as mouth (Efficacy evaluation tested). To the smooth skin full of dampness, bouncy and bouncy. Absolutely no scent, color. How you can make use of: After cleaning your facial skin, please use skin with the skin toner ready before use. Take out a single mask and spread it carefully, fold the initial part outward. Have both ends of the mask, align the eye and mouth, and allow it to lightly fit the entire face. Bring the cut portion of the mask and help it become near. If you would like to value the entire eye, close the eyelid at the end of the eyelid carefully to coat the eyelid. After 5 to 10 minutes, peel off the mask and allow the remaining liquid on skin fusion over the entire face. After applying mask, please pick milky lotion and cream. Can easily be used every single day according to the condition of your skin.

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