Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Lotion 190Ml

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Gold Gel lotion can highly penetrate to the bottom part of the skin, soften the surface area of skin that is dried up, make the essence simpler to be absorbed, restore moisturizing baby's muscle. Another includes five forms of beauty ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly, barley as well as precious gold foil, the full complement of nutrients needed by the skin. A high quality series with a lot of rich juice essence. Juel lotion that a lot of rich jelly-like essence that softens your skin. High deluxe moisturizing lotion with luxurious comfort through the Kanazawa gold foil. It penetrates like melting on your skin and contains moisture and firmness for your skin. Luxury juice lotion which softens adult skin. Slight scent of natural herbal plants (essential oil use). How you can use: After cleansing, bring an appropriate quantity in your palm and gently rub the skin.

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