Oil In Spa Lotion 100G 3 Types

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Oil-in-water containing hot spring water. You can apply this over cosmetics. It contains hot spring water as well as ocean deep-sea water which will include plenty of minerals. Argan Oil Contained argan oil as well as stem cell extract are effective for anti-aging. They assist reincarnation of the epidermis. Additionally, it contains eco-friendly fruit extract (melon, kiwi, chardonnay), white flower extract (chamomile, edelweiss), and also placenta extract which is effective for teeth whitening, moisturizing. Olive Oil Contained olive oil as well as coconut oil extract remove skin annoying inflammation and results in the smooth textured skin. This particular oil water comes with yellow-colored fruit and flower extracts (lemon, arnica, calendula officinalis), and anti-inflammatory extract allantoin, and also hydrolysed royal jelly protein for skin that is very sensitive. Rosehip Oil Contained rosehip oil as well as its extract encourage collagen synthesis, and state your skin by moisturizing and preventing aging. This particular oil water additionally has red fruit extract (nebular, raspberry, hawthorn hawthorn), collagen and elastin. Pack Size - 100ml

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