Softymo Mineral Wash 130G Pore Clean

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That contain various kinds of minerals as well as scrub tablets, could gently purify and condition skin to keep it with a refreshing and tender texture. Added with useful cleaning agents, it can offer a mild cleansing operation to cleanse sebum and dirt in the pores, leaving skin conditioned and wholesome. With 12 types of strictly-selected mineral structure, which includes pearl powder, deep sea water, hot spring water, the oyster extract, Seto shellfish glycogen, kelp extract, fucus extract, brown algae extract, algae extract,royal jelly extract, sugar cane extract, glycerol. Scrub tablets will slowly dissolve while rubbing onto face to take away pollutants deep inside pores. The facial cleanser brings about a refreshing fragrance of healthy blossoms. How to use: Take a proper level on palm (about 2cm), lather up completely with tape water and also warm water. Try massaging on face, rinse thoroughly.

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