Peeling Pad & Moisture Up Pad 1.7G + 15Ml

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Benefits: Removes old skin cell carefully with gel essence in addition to BioDTox for a slight peeling. Gets rid of the dead skin cell that covers on the irregular skin with Kakadu Plum Extract and Biolumino Peel for a smooth skin feel and a better skin tone. Soothes emphasized skin with botanical ingredients as well as vegetation extracts for a great skin. Moisturizes skin profoundly with Aquaxyl which has long lasting moisturizing power and reinforces skin barrier with Skin Fortifier Complex. How to use: 1. Make use of the embossed aspect of peeling pad to clean the face for once then make use of the plain satin edge to clean the facial skin once again. 2. Rinse the facial skin with lukewarm h2o and take out the 4 conceal out of the step 2 package. 3. Place the 4 masks on the desired area (cheek, forehead, jaw) for 5 minutes. 4. Take from the masks as well as pat lightly until the remaining essence is completely absorbed. 5. Make use of the embossed aspect of the masks to clean the entire face for one time.

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