Green Tea Seed Moisture Emulsion 300Ml

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The emulsion represented 76 % comprises of an all natural extract of green tea seeds, and it is intended for intensive moisturizing and protecting the wellness of the facial skin. The organic extract of green tea seeds in the given emulsion offers the outcome of regrowth as well as regrowth of the skin, softening, moisturizing, eliminating excessive dryness, annoying peeling, defense from negative external influences. Seeds of green tea completely moisturize the skin, reduce inflammation, relieve irritation, restore metabolic tasks. Caffeine in tea that is green increases the suppleness of the skin, induces blood circulation, accelerates the synthesis of collagen, raises elasticity, smoothes wrinkles on the facial skin. Everybody knows the unique attributes of antioxidants in tea that is green, which do not allow the dermis to grow older. Routinely utilizing the emulsion, you will provide the skin: Anti-aging care (the skin tone is leveled, good wrinkles are smoothed, the degree of even more pronounced wrinkles will decrease). Anti-inflammatory therapy (skin rashes will slowly vanish, so the visual appeal of new emulsion will warn). Antioxidant attention (protection against free radicals, UV rays). The consistency of the emulsion is so light and fragrant that it is readily absorbed in just a few seconds, giving the surface area of the facial skin life-giving moisture and energy. Your complexion will talk about the health, beauty as well as youth of your skin. How to use: Based on the kind of skin, apply the emulsion in the necessary amount with a thin layer, producing patting moves, until it is entirely assimilated.

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