Burning Hot Bath Salt 60G 8 Types

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Chamomile A brand new flavor has been put into the most favored lipolytic enzyme sequence from the Germanium buzzing foot bath wherein skin tightening and gasses crackling. Contains chamomile extract (moisturizing ingredient). Milky purple hot water color. French Rose Plus skin moisturizing ingredients to make skin structure positive. Your skin will sweep and it will be smooth. A germanium pleasant bath in which co2 can crackle. Fragrance of French Rose. Clear pink hot water color (transparent pink). Ginger A germanium bath agent. Capsicum extract, ginger extract, rock salt as well as guarana extract are compounded. By sweating with the lap impact of torotori, the grime on the skin surface can also be refreshing. In order to smooth skin. Delightful sound of co2 gaspump and water that is hot, sweat excitingly. The scent of hot ginger. Hot Aroma Recommended for those that wish to put out things which gather on the entire body with sweat and concerned about the body's puyopuyo. Has caffeine and papain enzymes, along with a rejuvenating UP ingredient (Kinoki ginger extract, orange extract, lemon extract). Warm hot orange hot water color (clear orange). Soda Squash A brand new kind of foot bath agent which warms the entire body with the sound of crackling and carbonic acid swallowing. Rose champagne fragrance: sweat with distinct pink hot water / skin moist (contains rose hip extract and rose extract). Royal honey milk fragrance: flushed with milky hot h2o / skin purpur (royal jelly extract with skim milk). Ginger lemon scent: refreshing with refreshing hot water. Hot ginger scent: more wrapping impact of tori-riyu, extra flushed (with guarana extract). Soda squash scent: refreshing with nigori hot water. Germanium, hot spring mineral, pepper extract, ginger extract, rock salt. Spa Oil Germanium Kaiseki foot bath (bathing agent) sequence, where carbon dioxide gas could be crackled and sounded from good sugar. A typical combination of germanium, hot spring minerals, and hot ingredients (hot pepper extract, ginger extract, rock salt) in the sequence in addition lipolytic enzymes, and so on. Although it is a powder type, it has the latest formulation with oil. Flushed with fossil oil attractiveness, moist with water. Strawberry Soda Milky red hot water color. Water that is hot that crackling skin tightening and repels, flushed sweat that is terrible. Unwanted extra fat on the skin surface is broken down very little by little. Includes germanium (moisturizing ingredient), sound sugar (moist grain), lipolytic enzyme (clean component), hot spring mineral (smooth ingredient), strawberry fruit extract (moisturizing ingredient). Hot element capsicum extract, ginger extract (hot ingredient), rock salt (crush ingredient). Yuzu Ginger A germanium carbonated sound foot bath that

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