Professional Luminogenic Caviar Essence 100Ml

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Attractiveness ingredients penetrate deep into the hair. From the root to locks that is beautiful . For color hair. With Shiseido's one of a kind color retention technology, the gorgeous finish of the salon color will be much longer. The first caviar capsule engineering allows the fix ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair as it is fresh. Fixing the hair after the hair color, bringing about smooth and lustrous color hair. Protects hair from uv rays and The heat of a blow dryer, and also will keep color hair gorgeous giving it a gloss. Long lasting technology: Take note of the fading of hair color by the outflow of hair coloring dye and melanin pigment in hair. Shiseido's one of a kind color lasting technology will keep the gorgeous finish of salon styles longer. Color hold aspect M keep portion: Controls the quantity of water that enters and exits the hair during regular shampooing. Prevents dye and melanin pigments from flowing out. Luminogenic fragrance: A scent which stands out from the scent of roses from santa claus. Gives a refreshing accent to the exceptional natural perfumes of roses (rose turkish, rose de me), also known as liquid jewelry. How you can use: After drying the towel, walk up an appropriate quantity in the palm of your hand, knead both hands together. Crush the capsule, apply to entire locks, centering on the hair tip, and also put on. May also be used on hair that is dried out.

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