Lifting Science Anti-Aging Band #Smile Lines 7Pairs 7 Pairs

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Anti-aging band to get a firmer searching around-the-mouth-area by boosting skin elasticity in 7 days. Created to fit the spot with countless motions that create loss of suppleness and the resulting smile lines, the band offers an important lifting effect. Features a high moisture shielding capacity to advertise the successful skin absorption of active ingredients. How to use: 1. Stretch the nasolabial folds and mouth contour somewhat, then simply attach the grooved component of the band close to the nose wing. 2. Fix the circular handle to direct it upwards towards the center of the cheek, then simply connect the majority of the band if you have the narrow tail covering the nasolabial fold as well as mouth contour. 3. After 30-60 minutes, take out the band gradually.

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