Illuminated Couture Shadow 6 Types

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A high-quality thin-film cream shadow which creates large coloring as well as fine sheen. The characteristic is that it stretches extremely that it slips and sticks firmly, and also it is tough to gather in two-fold grooves. Blends a lot of polarized pearls to give the eyelids a gentle nuance. Realizing a high-quality thin-film veil. A light touch oil 1 formulation which unfolds at body temperature as well as stretches. It seems a lot more like a good than a creamy, and then stretches and spreads firmly. It is a special prescribed which suppresses the thickness and reduces yore. Large coloring which sends light & delicate gloss of multicolored polarized pearl. Sheer color with transparency. A lineup of six colors ranging from pale colors that add a bit of nuance on the eyelids to serious shades which add depth and depth. Each is blended with lots of good multicolored polarized pearls to produce a fine gloss. Moisturizing eyelids with ceramide 2 & beauty oil. Includes ceramide 2, olive squalane 3, jojoba seed oil, grape seed oil (all moisturizing). Moisturizes the delicate eyelids and also shields them from becoming dry. Pack Size - 2.2g

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