Active Source All Renew Ampoule 30Pcs 2Ml X 30Pcs

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This system is composed of: - Active Source All Renew Ampoule 2ml x 30pcs - Safe Cap 5pcs - Ampoule Stand 1pc - Opener 1pc Active Source All Renew Ampoule: - All-in-one deep hygiene ampoule increases complex skin problems with suppleness development + hydration + teeth whitening at exactly the same time - Premium blend of special 8-Flower Nectar Complex boosts vitality for exhausted skin and materials wealthy nourishment for plump, resilient skin - Contain micro-molecule Hyaluronic Acid aqueous option as well as Aqua Fresh generates dewy, healthy skin with rich dampness source - Enriched with 13 types of Vitamin Complex which properly strengthen skin that is flat as well as blemishes, restoring brilliant, clear skin - Micro-Micelle Delivery System efficiently strengthens fast transfer of energetic source deep into skin along with the outcome of the next skin care regime The best way to use: 1. Lightly tap the upper portion of the ampoule container to gather all of the written content inside. 2. Stick in the ampoule on the ampoule stand. 3. Protect the ampoule with all the opener and media down until attaining the ampoule stand. 4. Throw away the head component separated from the ampoule. 5. Place the secure cap onto the ampoule properly. 6. At the very first phase of skin care routine, spread a reasonable quantity consistently over facial area and carefully massage across the skin structure for absorption. 7. For the leftover ampoule, leave in on the stand up and stow it in site that is cool without direct sunlight exposure. Ampoule have to be nearly all used within 24 hours after opening.

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